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About the Show

WINE TELEVISION is an exciting information and lifestyle series, dedicated to all that is compelling in the fascinating world of wine.

Stylishly combining wine features with stories of food and travel, our viewers and visitors to our website get a behind-the-scenes look at cellars, kitchens, vineyards and the most exclusive events, shows, and happenings all over the globe.

Over the course of the series and through this website, you will be introduced to intriguing personalities, experts, and celebrities while being tantalized by fine cuisine, rich history and lush landscapes.

Accessible and entertaining, WINE TELEVISION serves as both a comprehensive overview for the novice and as an update on the latest inside scoop for the aficionado.

WINE TELEVISION celebrates the wonderful and intriguing stories that can be found behind each glass of wine.

Through this website, we invite you to participate in WINE TELEVISION.
Visit the WINE CELLAR to read about the latest news in the world of wine and food or cook one of the dishes we feature in the series by clicking on the recipe link.

Click on “Ask the Expert” to submit your queries – everything you always wanted to know about wine and spirits. We also welcome story ideas for events or features located anywhere in the world. And, coming soon, you’ll be able to enter one of our many contests to win copies of the program and even a trip to your favourite vineyard.

About the Producers

Canoe Productions Inc. is a dynamic Canadian company with a mission to create high quality, entertainment and information-based television documentary series.

Company president and founder, Lori DeGraw, learned from some of the best in the Canadian television industry over the past two decades. The early years in her career were spent at CBC Current Affairs on shows such as “The Journal”, “Prime Time News”, “The National Magazine” and “Midday”. She then worked at “”, the flagship program of Discovery Channel in its second year of existence, and later as a freelancer with independent production companies on projects for History Television, CBC “Life and Times”, and CBC “Venture”.

In 1997, a gourmet culinary tour in Europe provided ample inspiration to develop her own show and the concept of “Wine Television” was born. The series was successfully licensed to Prime TV. All four seasons of Wine Television air in over 20 countries internationally.

Canoe Productions is dedicated to the continued development of relevant and interesting Canadian content programming with an international appeal.

Episode Summaries

Show 1 ~ Chateau Franc Mayne

WINE TELEVISION visits one of the oldest wine regions in the world in the beautiful south west of France. At the historic Chateau Franc Mayne we’ll discover the secret of the ancient limestone caverns used today as wine cellars. Not many vineyards can boast a cellar dating from the 4 th century AD! We’ll watch as a magnificent private cellar valued at over £2 million is auctioned off at Christie’s in London. We’ll enjoy a gourmet getaway in the beautiful Quebec countryside at Auberge Hatley and then feast on the sumptuously simple local cuisine in the small town of Roa in Spain. In this episode, our expert is Edoardo Amadi, Sommelier at England’s The Vineyard at Stockcross who answers the question: “what wine should I serve with very strong cheese?”

Show 2 ~ Quinta de Ventolzelo, Portugal

This week WINE TELEVISION meets the elite of the wine world in an audience with the Premium Familiae Vini or PFV. This select organization represents the top wine-making families in the world and includes the families Rothschild, Mondavi and Torres. Together, these families have over 2000 years of experience in the world of wine. Next, we’ll travel to Portugal to visit the Quinta de Ventolzelo winery in the beautiful Douro Valley, an area famous for it’s port wine and it’s spectacular steeply terraced hillside vineyards. Then, the family that runs one of the finest restaurants in Austria invites us into their kitchen. The Landhaus Bacher in the Mautern region combines exquisite dining with a friendly, cozy atmosphere. And we’ll bask in the lavish surroundings of an elegant restaurant and hotel at the Vineyard at Stockcross in Newbury, England. Spanish winemaker Rosario Saseta answers our “Ask The Expert” question: “How are flavours like nut, chocolate, coffee, or fruit added to wine?”

Show 3 ~ Ibernoble, Spain

WINE TELEVISION strolls through the glorious streets of the city of Bordeaux, a food and wine lover’s paradise located in the heart of France’s famous wine making region. Wine has been produced in Bordeaux since the 1 st century and today, there are over 1,400 Bordeaux wine producers employing 1 out of ever 6 people in the wine trade. We’ll then explore the vineyards of Ibernoble, one of the bright new stars from the hottest winemaking region in Spain. While Ibernoble may be somewhat new to the international scene, they have been making wine for five generations and some of their vines are over a hundred years old. We’ll journey to Austria to watch a wine Baptism ceremony, a traditional event celebrating the new young vintages. Next, we’ll learn gourmet secrets at the Good Earth Cooking School in the Niagara Region of Southern Ontario from Hillebrand Winery’s Executive Chef Antonio de Luca and discover what goes best with ice wine from our expert panel that includes Donald Ziraldo the founder of Inniskillin Wines.

Show 4 ~ Winzer Krems, Austria

WINE TELEVISION wanders through the charming Austrian countryside visiting castle ruins and steeped terraced vineyards. We’ll explore the wonderfully musty cellar of Winzer Krems, a winemaking group that dates back to the middle ages. Founded in 1447, Winzer Krems is a co-operative of 1005 wine growers producing some of the finest wines in country, many of which are varieties unique to Austria. We’ll learn about the similarities between olive and grape pressing at launch of the new Olive Oil Museum in Toledo, Spain. The world’s largest producer of olive oil, Spain has some olive trees that are over 300 years old. We’ll then join the Winemaker’s Dinner at the lovely Queen’s Landing Inn located in Niagara-On -The -Lake, where the best of local cuisine is expertly paired with the best of the local wine. We’ll journey to London, England to check out the incredible “Vinopolis”, a fun and informative high tech interactive museum that offers a fresh and funky approach to the marvellous history of wine. This week, our expert is French wine maker Yannick Danet who tells us why red wine is red and why white wine is white.

Show 5 ~ House of Sandeman, Portugal

WINE TELEVISION discovers the aging cellars for port wine in Portugal. George Sandeman, a 7th generation descendant from the founder of the House of Sandeman, details the history, processes, and characteristics that distinguish different types of port wine. We’ll meet the winemakers of the future and their teachers in Niagara’s Inniskillin Hall in the heartland of the grape and wine region of Southern Ontario. Studying the process from “vine to wine”, this Oenology and Viticulture course has been offered at Brock University since 1997; we’ll discover why it is now starting to gain an international reputation. We’ll join the trend at London’s hottest new restaurant, The Orrery where executive Chef, Chris Talvin, chef and sommelier, Franck have created a tantalizing 10-course food and wine pairing. Margaret River in Southwestern Australia has been known primarily for its beaches. But a burgeoning wine industry is revitalizing the area and Margaret River wines are receiving international acclaim. For those who come to explore this wine region, there is only one way to travel…in top style. We’ll lounge with Nola Gaebler, the “Margaret River Lady” in the back seat of her vintage Rolls Royce Bentley as she takes us on a chauffeur driven tour of the Margaret River Region. We’ll learn how weather effects the quality of grapes from Lindeman’s wine educator, Michael Partridge.

Show 6 ~ Konzelmann Estates, Canada

WINE TELEVISION wakes up in the middle of the night, at the height of the Canadian winter to experience the dramatic harvest of ice wine grapes with the Konzelmann family in Niagara. On the other side of the world, we’ll sit with a lucky audience as they relax in the summer twilight listening to the velvet voice of Michael Crawford as he performs live at the Leeuwin Estate in western Australia. Owner Dennis Horgan has discovered a unique and successful way to utilize the beautiful, natural environment of his vineyard as well as the natural amphitheatre on the property by hosting this event of the year. The Dining Room of the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco is fortunate to have two culinary heavyweights on-side. Sylvain Portay and Stephane Lacroix are well-entrenched in the upper echelons of fine cuisine in both the U.S. and in France. Together, this chef and sommelier team have developed a food and wine programme that rivals any in the world. For the culinary traveler, London England offers countless opportunities to enjoy some of the best food and wine in the world. However, an important part of the London experience, past and present, can only be found in the city’s pubs. We’ll join the Backroads Touring Company as they offer an evening tour of pubs and divulge some of the myths and folklore in London’s history. Julian Izzillo, sommelier at Magill Estate Restaurant in Australia shows his expertise at matching wines with spicy Chinese food.

Show 7 ~ Tenterden Vineyard Estates, England

This week, WINE TELEVISION attends a grape crushing at Tenterden Vineyard Estates in southern England and learns the secret behind their excellent sparkling wine. We’ll discover how one company has focused all it’s attention on the new generation of wine drinkers with a unique marketing campaign called “Unwined”. Using a fun, laid-back marketing strategy reflective of their Gen. X targets, Blue Sky Vineyard launched their new releases with the creation of three urban superheroes: Cab, Luscious and Angel who mingle amongst the young and hip personifying the distinct characteristics of each wine. Next, we’ll jump on a bicycle to explore the beautiful countryside of Australia’s wine region in the Barossa Valley and then journey to California’s Sonoma Country to sample some of the local produce and wine. While in California, we ask our expert sommelier Stephane Lacroix to match the unique taste of raw oysters with the perfect wine.

Show 8 ~ Miranda Vineyard, Australia

We’re down under in this episode of WINE TELEVISION to experience the drama of an early harvest of summer grapes at the Miranda Vineyard in Australia. Three days in a row of record high temperatures can cause rapidly escalating sugar levels in the grapes. When the sugar levels reach the ideal for winemaking, the grapes must come off .. even if it is three weeks before harvest time! Next, we float into San Francisco’s Bubble Lounge, a haven for champagne devotees, for a tasting of the vintages of Vueve Clicquot. Then we travel back in time to the founding of Montreal’s Beaver Club. Considered to be one of the best French restaurants in North America, the Beaver Club began in the fur trading days of early Canada and boasts a membership that has included statesmen, politicians, movie actors and even kings. Next, we travel First Class on Air New Zealand to discover how they are the redefining the whole concept of airline food. Our Australian expert at Peter Lehmann Winery tells us the real truth about the length of time wine should be aged.

Show 9 ~ Clos du Bois Winery, California

WINE TELEVISION begins this episode in California’s Sonoma County. Initially purchased as a weekend getaway, Clos du Bois winery has been producing wines for over 25 years led by winemaker and innovator, Frank Woods. Experimenting with Bordeaux varietals, Woods was one of the first people in this valley to plant Merlot and he was one of the first people to blend it with Cabernet and to put a proprietary name on the wine: Marlstone. Next, we travel to a penthouse over looking the breathtaking Niagara Falls to attend the black tie function beginning a weekend of festivities surrounding Canada’s famous icewines. This Millennium Icewine Celebration was developed to expose icewine lovers to the variety of vintages available, as well as to offer more education and information about enjoying icewine. London, England is one of the world’s greatest beer cities where countless possible combinations of ingredients and brewing techniques make beer a sophisticated beverage requiring very trained tasting skills. As interested wine lovers, we join a brewery tour to quickly learn firsthand the differences between beer and winemaking. Next, we settle into Australia’s Hunter Valley restaurant to taste a menu that changes with every nuance of each season, providing patrons with the freshest of ingredients and produce. Bubble Lounge manager Peter Battander gives his opinion on how long champagne can be stored after opening.

Show 10 ~ Freie Weingartner, Austria

Winemaking started in the Wachau region of Austria in the 8th century.
WINE TELEVISION visits one property that was pivotal in the development of the wine industry in the Wachau, now an institution called the Freie Weingartner. We discuss the winery’s auspicious past and its relevance today with the winemaker. Next, we travel to downtown New York City to attend the Awards of the Americas show where gold medals are presented for the best consumer and foodservice products in North America as judged by a panel of acclaimed chefs from across the United States. One of the awardees was rock star, Sammy Hagar who received two gold awards on behalf of Cabo Wabo Tequilas, a product line named after his night club in Cabo San Lucas. We learn first-hand why he was also honoured as a master taster of tequila, as recognized by the American Culinary Institute. Then it is off to Australia, to one of the most historic areas of Sydney where the beautiful Observatory Hotel boasts top-notch service, style, and exceptional food and wine. From the sunny streets of Sydney, we take a trip down into the Great Cellars of Quebec at le Bistro à Champlain & Les Chenets. With 2000 bottles in the private collection and over 6000 bottles in the restaurant cellar, not to mention the largest collection of cognac in the world, Bistro à Champlain lives up to its title. Clos du Bois winemaker Margaret Davenport describes the balance between quality and quantity in a good harvest year.

Show 11 ~ Penfold’s, Australia

At Penfold’s, one of Australia’s most famous wineries, WINE TELEVISION discovers why their world-renowned, hard-to-get Grange label fetches top prices at international wine auctions. There are few international wine fairs in the world where a wine producer’s presence is considered mandatory but halfway between Milan and Venice in northern Italy is a town called Verona that hosts winemakers from all around the world during the extravaganza known as VINITALY. With over 8000 kilometres of navigable waterways crossing through some of the most scenic, renowned wine regions in the world, it was only a matter of time before someone discovered a perfect holiday option for culinary travelers. We’ll board a barge as it cruises through the beautiful canals of France, stopping for gastronomic delights at every lock! Presiding over the tony Upper East side of Manhattan is Restaurant Daniel, the latest in a string of successful endeavours by owner and acclaimed chef Daniel Boulud. We’ll see why he enjoys a reputation as perhaps the top French chef and haute restaurateur in New York City. Our expert is Georges Blanc winemaker Colette Morel who describes the perfect wine glass for every style of wine.

Show 12 ~ Bichot, France

WINE TELEVISION travels to the city of Beaune, the jewel in the crown of the French winemaking region of Burgundy, to meet sixth generation wine maker Alberic Bichot. His ancestral family vineyard was lost during the Second World War and it wasn’t until the 1950′s that their current holding, Maison Albert Bichot was built. Today, they are producing some of the finest wines in the region. We then witness a “ten-chef homage” to the great Chef Jean Blanchet at the American Tasting Institute’s annual dinner in New York’s Kitano Hotel. Next, we visit Hunter Valley Resort and Wine School, the only place in Australia that has a vineyard, 4-star accommodation, winery, wine-tasting, restaurant, cafe, micro-brewery, and wine school all on the one site. Brothers Raffaele and Massimiliano Alamjo introduce us to their shared philosophy calling for modern interpretations of traditional techniques and recipes practiced at their multi-generational family restaurant Le Calandre in northern Italy. Our expert this week is Jean Luc Le Du, Sommelier at Restaurant Daniel in New York City who gives us his opinion on matching food to wine.

Show 13 ~ Arrowood Winery, California

WINE TELEVISION believes that winemaking is an art and during our visit to Arrowood Winery in California’s Sonoma County we discovered the home of a true artist. Richard Arrowood started his winemaking career in 1965 and eventually became the first winemaster at Chateau St. Jean winery in 1974. His own winery was completed in 1987 is a carefluly planned, stylish facility containing equipment often described as a “winemaker’s dream”. We’ll learn how this technology is used to produce highly specialized handcrafted wines in small quantities with which Richard Arrowood can freely express his art. Next, we head north to the Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival where this year, Italian wines take centre stage. New York City has more than its fair share of luxurious hotels. One of the most acclaimed hotels is known simply as W New York and we’ll discover why it claims to be the hotel experience of the New Millennium. We’ll then meet one of Europe’s greatest culinary celebrities. Georges Blanc invites us into the restaurant that has been in his family for 5 generations and shows us how his French cuisine has retained its integrity by remaining true to its traditional roots. Our expert is George Sandeman, Chairman of Portugal’s House of Sandeman who explains the difference between varieties and types of port.